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Big Sky Lavender

Smudge Stick - Sage - Lavender - Amethyst - Grounding

Smudge Stick - Sage - Lavender - Amethyst - Grounding

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We're whipping up some magic at the farm! Our smudge sticks (or magic wands, as we call them:), are made with prairie sage grown in South Dakota, and lavender grown here at the farm.

We've also nestled an amethyst crystal into the wand to add some extra magic. Amethyst is a purple quartz crystal known for protection and clearing negative energy. Adding it to the wand seems to amplify the lavender/sage cleansing effect.

You can choose to burn your smudge stick, or not. It seems to work just as well to clear your space without creating smoke. Your intention to clear is powerful in itself.

Before you begin, create an intention based on what you want, as though it already exists.

For example, "I feel more focused and productive as I clear old, stuck energy from my home." Or "I'm opening myself up to new possibilities as I let go of what no longer serves me."

As you walk through the house with your magic wand, speak your intention out loud. The vibration of sound is also cleansing and helps stir up stuck energy in you, as well as the space around you.

I also ask for love to come in and fill those spaces I'm clearing out.

You could smudge on the full moon each month to let go of what you no longer need, and on the new moon to bring in more of what you want.

Clearing energy through smudging feels like opening the blinds and letting the sunshine in!

This listing is for one lavender/sage wand. Each wand measures about 9 inches long and is its own unique self. Amethyst crystal will vary.

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