Growing Life's Essentials

lavender fields with blue sky

We believe in making healthy products we use every day and stand behind 100%. We believe we're all in this together and it is possible to spray your worries away with lavender.

We’re located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, just south of Missoula, Montana. We’re a small, family-owned farm with 2400 lavender plants, one horse, 5 goats, 2 miniature donkeys, I don't know how many chickens, and some sweet pups.

baby goats
horses and dog 
donkeys lilac

We use no harmful pesticides or chemicals, and our soil comes from rivers running through the valley for thousands of years, perfect for growing. 

We harvest our flowers in July and spend the rest of the summer and early fall distilling the oils we use in our products. 

harvest time

The plants hibernate all winter (and so do we). Thanks Netflix and Hulu! While buried beneath the snow, the oil returns to its roots to replenish and renew the lavender for the growing season to come.