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Big Sky Lavender

Calm Your Ass Down - Sandalwood - Body Spray - Room Spray - Car Spray

Calm Your Ass Down - Sandalwood - Body Spray - Room Spray - Car Spray

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Relax, dude and smell the sandalwood! Some of our guy friends think lavender is for ladies only, so we've added Australian sandalwood oil to our original lavender spray (Pillow Partner) to increase its manliness.

Calm Your Ass Down has the relaxing properties of lavender with the rich fragrance of sandalwood. Spray it on you, your pillow or blankets before bed, or keep a bottle in your car for those drivers who get on your last nerve.

Even though we say it's a guy thing, we definitely think it's for the ladies, too! Who knows, maybe one spray of Calm Your Ass Down and you'll have a new man on your hands. And if not, your Ass might have a good trade in value.

Can be used as a:

  • body spray
  • bedding/clothes refresher
  • car spray
  • air freshener

Calm Your Ass Down comes in a 2 oz black bottle made from PET plastic. It's BPA free and recyclable.

Ingredients - filtered water, organic lavender oil, Australian sandalwood oil, polysorbate 20 (emulsifier), silver ion 2400 (natural preservative)

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