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Big Sky Lavender

Lavender Buds - Organic - Culinary - DIY - Wedding Favors

Lavender Buds - Organic - Culinary - DIY - Wedding Favors

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Treat your taste buds to the fun flavor of lavender in your favorite culinary creations. Our favorite is to add lavender buds to a cooked simple syrup. Let it steep to your flavor preference, and then strain out the buds.

Lavender syrup is a lovely way to sweeten your coffee or tea with a light, floral fragrance. FYI, simple syrup should be stored in the fridge, and in food, a little lavender goes a long way!

For do-it-yourselfers, buy lavender buds in bulk to make your own lavender sachets. They make a great bridesmaid, birthday or holiday gift. One-third cup lavender is perfect for a 3 x 4" sachet. 

For weddings, buy little paper cones and give people lavender buds to throw after your ceremony. It's better for the environment, and more fun to throw!

These premium buds are from our short-stemmed English lavender plants. They are a vibrant bluish-purple color and are not treated with any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

We run the buds through a vacuum system and multiple sifters to remove the buds from the stems, but you will still find small pieces of stem in the mix. Our de-budding machine is awesome, but not perfect!

Our buds are sold by the cup.  1 cup - $9, 2 cups - $16, 4 cups - $28, 8 cups - $48

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I purchased a lavender pillow spray at a local pharmacy and was interested in additional lavender products. I was quite pleased with the variety of lavender products that were available on the website. My order arrived quickly and included a few complimentary items, which was a nice treat. I highly recommend!!


Lavender Buds - Organic - Culinary - DIY - Wedding Favors