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Lavender Hydrosol - Floral Water - Organic - Soothes Pet Anxiety

Lavender Hydrosol - Floral Water - Organic - Soothes Pet Anxiety

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Hydrosol is a natural by-product of steam distilling, the process we use to remove the essential oils from our plants. It's also known as a floral water. It contains little to no oil. It has all the wonderful goodness of the lavender plant with a lighter, more earthy scent.

It can used as a calming spray when your fur baby feels anxious. If traveling with your dog creates anxiety (for you or them), or they're frightened by loud noises, hydrosol can be sprayed in the air around them or on their bedding.

Lavender water is gentle and calming and soothes everyone's frazzled nerves. In fact, spray some on yourself! You'll feel better, too.

It's a revitalizing hydrator for your skin and can be used as a facial toner. Pop it in the fridge and you'll have a cool, refreshing after workout spray.

It can also be sprayed on bedding and used while ironing.

Lavender hydrosol:

  • helps relieve pet anxiety
  • hydrates and tones skin
  • linen/bedding refresher

Our hydrosol comes in an 8 oz clear bottle made from PET plastic. It's BPA free and recyclable.

Ingredients - 100% organic lavender water

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