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Big Sky Lavender

Lavender Sage Spray - Montana Charm - Good Vibes - Fun

Lavender Sage Spray - Montana Charm - Good Vibes - Fun

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Big Sky Vibes is a mix of organic lavender oil and clary sage oil, added to amethyst-infused lavender water. 

Amethyst-infused water brings a soothing energy to this spray. I think of amethyst as the anti-depressant of crystals. It smooths things over when you're caught in the waves of life and you're not sure which way is up.

Spraying Big Sky Vibes is also a cleaner substitute for clearing stuck, stagnant energy if you don't want to burn sage. Especially if you can't, or don't want to smoke up your place.

I love using it in hotels when I travel. Who knows what kind of goopy energy people are leaving behind!

Or maybe someone you live or work with really needs to stop spreading their negative vibes. A quick spray and bye-bye bad energy. We don't need you here!

You could also spray it on your pillows and blankets to help you relax and calm your racing thoughts before going to sleep. 

As an added bonus, Big Sky Vibes comes with a super-cute, stainless steel Montana charm made by a friend of ours.

Big Sky Vibes comes in a 2 oz clear glass bottle and can be used as a:

  • room spray
  • replacement for a smudge stick
  • travel spray
  • calming bedtime spray

Ingredients - lavender water, organic lavender oil, clary sage oil, amethyst crystal

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