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Big Sky Lavender

Lavender Spray - Travel Size - Amethyst - Happy

Lavender Spray - Travel Size - Amethyst - Happy

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Our travel size (10 ml) lavender spray is softly scented to create a feeling of calm without overwhelming your senses. It's a great size to keep in your purse or share with a friend.

Spray it on your pillow and blankets to help you sleep, in your car when you feel annoyed by other drivers or give yourself some extra love and spray it on you.

The smell of lavender:

  • helps you sleep more soundly
  • relieves stress
  • makes your bedding smell delish
  • improves your mood

This spray also contains a small amethyst crystal to add an extra bit of, "Let's feel good!"

I think of lavender + amethyst as a lovely anti-depressant. Don't throw your prescription meds out, but how about adding some lavender/amethyst spray to smooth things out even more. Roller coasters are fun, but not every day.

Share the love and share the lavender:)

Ingredients – filtered water, organic lavender oil, silver ion 2400 (natural preservative), amethyst

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