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Big Sky Lavender

Lip Balm - Smooth - Creamy - Anti-aging

Lip Balm - Smooth - Creamy - Anti-aging

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Lip balms are a dime a dozen and you have so many choices. We're here to help. We make one lip balm, and it is Unbelievable! You'll be amazed at how long it lasts on your lips and how soft they feel.

Our lip balm is filled with the deliciousness of Red Raspberry Seed Oil, a broad-spectrum sunscreen high in Vitamin E, which also helps repair sun damage. Yay!

We've added Hemp Seed Oil, which stimulates collagen production and slows the aging process. Another yay!

It has Shea Aloe Butter to soothe dry, irritated skin.

Coconut Oil to help prevent cracked lips from becoming infected.

And Organic White Beeswax to soften your lips and heal cracked, wind burned skin.

P.S. We love shows about aliens and even though we haven't seen one yet (we don't think so, anyway), we've added one to our lip balm label to make it extra Unbelievable!

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