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Big Sky Lavender

Roll On Lavender Oil - Calming - Restful - Travel Size

Roll On Lavender Oil - Calming - Restful - Travel Size

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Do you need a break, but can't get away?

Our Roll With It lavender oil is here to help. Like sitting under a warm, fluffy blanket binge watching your favorite shows.

It’s a soothing blend of lavender, almond and macadamia nut oils to glide over your skin when life gets bumpy, and you've had enough.

If you're in a situation that triggers your fight or flight response, smelling lavender oil may help lower your heart rate and have a calming effect on your sympathetic nervous system.

Studies also show the smell of lavender increases melatonin levels in your body to help you sleep. I use the roll-on lavender oil on my wrists, behind my ears and under my nose before bed. I fall asleep quickly and sleep more deeply.

Roll With It lavender oil comes in a 10 ml purple glass bottle with a stainless rollerball.

Ingredients – almond oil, macadamia nut oil, organic lavender oil.

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